Dealing With Frequent Stomach Pain

THave you noticed that that ache or stabbing pain in your abdominal region just doesn't ever seem to completely go away? We've all had stomach pain from eating something that had gone bad, or because we were sick with a stomach virus, but stomach nausea and pain that persists for days without any obvious cause is reason for concern. Many people live with side stomach pain for years without realizing that it is a symptom of their poor digestive health.

What Is Stomach Pain In Adults?

Pain in the abdomen and stomach region can come in many different varieties once you reach adulthood. Some people will experience stomach pain when they eat certain foods, while others will have stomach nausea that worsens when they are physically or emotionally stressed. Regardless of what's causing it people need to realize that persistent stomach pain isn't normal, and there are ways of treating it. The most common types of stomach pain are:

  • Sharp, dull, stabbing, cramp-like, knifelike, twisting, or piercing pains
  • Stomach pain may be brief or it may persist for several hours and longer. Sometimes pain builds gradually in intensity, or comes on strong and leaves quickly.
  • Some stomach pain can be so intense that the individual is forced to vomit, although this does not always alleviate the pain.
  • Some stomach pain causes people to pace around the room, or roll around in their bed searching for the right position to make it feel better. Other times the pain will force people to lie still all day long.

What Are The Causes Of Stomach Pain?

If you're experiencing the symptoms of stomach pain described above but can't point to an illness or injury that would be causing it, you're probably desperate to learn more about side stomach pain causes. In most cases, some internal condition that the patient isn't aware of is usually at fault. Doctors will want to test you for:

  • Appendicitis
  • gallbladder disease
  • Ulcers
  • Infections
  • Pregnancy
  • Indigestion

If none of these things turn out to be the source of your stomach pain, you might want to consider the possibility that the stomach nausea and pain is the result of a digestive discomfort in your digestive system. Try to pay attention to whether the stomach pain is triggered or worsened by eating, and whether or not certain foods seem to be to blame.

Using Probiotics to Treat Stomach Pain

If you determine that there's no injury or illness causing your pain, it might be a good idea to try to help the condition naturally with probiotics. Before taking any probiotics we recommend that you seek professional medical advice.

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