Are You Living With Stomach Nausea?

The human body is an amazing machine, and one of its most wonderful functions is the ability to rid itself of things that could be potentially toxic to the brain or other organs. Although you might not like experiencing stomach nausea, it's an important way for the digestive system to let you know that something potentially unwanted has entered the body. Most nausea is the symptoms of a temporary condition, but in some cases burning stomach nausea can persist for days.

Understanding Stomach Nausea

The most important thing to understand is that on their own, stomach nausea and vomiting aren't illnesses or diseases. Rather, they are signs that something is malfunctioning in the body, and the best way your digestive system knows how to deal with it is by giving you a bad case of bloating stomach nausea. Although nausea is a feeling of uneasiness like you might vomit, it doesn't always mean that you're going to throw up.

Things That Can Cause Stomach Nausea

There are many different things that can affect your body negatively and cause your digestive system to trigger a case of stomach nausea. Some of the most common causes of burning stomach nausea are:

  • Common cold
  • Food poisoning
  • Motion sickness
  • Overeating
  • Illness

In most cases, stomach nausea is only temporary, and will subside as soon as the offensive food or drink, or illness has run its course. However, if serious bloating stomach nausea persists for more than a few days, or happens on a regular basis, and isn't associated with a sickness or injury, it's important to alert your doctor. Pay attention to all the factors that seem to make your stomach nausea better or worse, and make sure you inform your doctor of them.

Treatment for Persistent Stomach Nausea

Because dehydration is always such a concern in cases of severe stomach nausea or vomiting, it's especially important to remember to drink clear, cold fluids while you're experiencing burning stomach nausea. You'll also want to make sure you eat only light, relatively bland foods while you're experiencing bloating stomach nausea, like saltine crackers or bread. Spicy or especially greasy foods should be avoided because they can aggravate the digestive troubles that are causing you to experience stomach nausea in the first place.

Treating Stomach Nausea with Probiotics

A weak or compromised digestive system is the quickest way to create a situation in which persistent stomach nausea can develop. Taking a multi-probiotic supplement is a great way to restore the balance of good bacteria in your digestive tract. Problems with bloating stomach nausea are often cleared up quickly when the proprietary blend of probiotics, fiber, and prebiotics is allowed to get to work in your stomach, intestines and colon. You'll be able to eat without fear of stomach nausea again.

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