Types of Natural Colon Cleansing

Though the colon is an important part of the human body, not everyone realizes its importance, or what the colon does. The body must expel, or push debris out of the body in the form of feces. When you do not have proper bowel movements, you see an increase of toxins and food particles lodged inside your intestinal tract. Natural colon cleansing removes those toxins and makes your colon healthier. You have multiple choices when it comes to colon cleansers. The cleansers typically fall into one of multiple categories:

  • Colon enemas
  • Fruit juices
  • Liquid diets
  • Colon diets
  • Healthy fasting
  • Probiotics
  • Dietary changes

Using an Enema

An enema is a natural colon cleansing method. Most pharmacies and drugstores sell home enema kits and you can also find the kits available online. The kit consists of a small ball with a long tube attached. You fill the ball with a small amount of liquid and insert the tube into your rectum. As you slowly squeeze the ball, it pushes the liquid through the rectum and cleanses the colon. The body naturally expels the liquid later. You typically use an enema with distilled water, which has the toxins removed, or a combination of water with a small amount of salt added.

Fasting Ideas

Fasting is a type of cleanse that limits your intake of food, which forces the body to remove the hazardous waste. This natural colon cleansing method stops your body from absorbing more harmful toxins and starts breaking down those toxins. When using all natural colon cleansing, you fast by stopping your intake of solid foods. Your body still requires nutrients and it gets those nutrients through juices or liquids. Instead of using commercially produced juices, you make your juices from freshly juiced or squeezed fruits and vegetables.

Colon Diets

A natural colon cleansing diet increases your daily amount of fiber. Every type of processed food you eat shows the amount of fiber on the side and shows how much of your daily recommended fiber dosage is inside. Most people do not get the proper amount of fiber, which leads to constipation and other colon problems. Making a simple dietary change results in improved colon health. Choose foods with high amounts of fiber, including the whole grains found in certain breads, muffins, rice, and other baked goods. Bananas, prunes, carrots, and other fruits and vegetables contain the ingredients that you need for natural colon cleansing.

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