What You Need to Know About a Colonic Colon Cleanse

A colonic also goes by the name of colon irrigation, colonic hydrotherapy, colonic irrigation, and simply a colonic. A trained colon therapist does the procedure in a sterile office setting. When done properly, you should feel no pain during the procedure. You must answer a series of questions on a form regarding your medical history and your family history. Once completed, the therapist moves you into a sterile room for the actual procedure. You wear a paper or fabric gown, just as you would wear during any other medical procedure. The colonic colon cleanse removes certain types of toxins, which many claim makes them feel much better.

Colonic Colon Cleanse: What To Expect

During the colonic procedure, you lay down on your back. A small speculum inserted into the rectum through the anus pushes the water into your body. A plastic tube attaches to one end of the speculum and to the unit that provides the water for the procedure. Therapists typically use water heated to room temperature or slightly higher, which keeps the cold water from shocking your system. After pushing water through the anus, your body slowly expels the debris in your body by pushing the debris and feces through the tube. The entire process takes less than 60 minutes.

Colonic vs. Other Procedures

A colonic is more invasive than other types of procedures. When comparing a colon cleanse vs. colonic, you should know that a normal cleanse is less invasive. With a traditional cleanse, you take a selection of herbs and vitamin supplements with large amounts of water. The herbs and vitamins increase the health of your body, while the water flushes toxins and other harmful components from your intestines. A colonic colon cleanse shares some features with an enema. The main difference between the two procedures is that the cleanse reaches deeper and removes more toxins.

Colonic Benefits

A colonic colon cleanse or a more basic colonic has certain advantages and benefits. The more common benefits include:

  • Prevention of constipation, or to force a bowel movement
  • Increase in bowel movements
  • Accelerate the body’s response to waste
  • Force toxins and waste out of the colon
  • Increase general health

These are just a few reasons why people us cleanses. In addition to a colonic or a colonic colon cleanse, you have the option of using an enema, a body flush that relies on water and healthy foods, or making changes in your regular diet.

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