Gas and Bloating Symptoms

Gas and bloating are two common intestinal problems that plague people on a daily basis. Some confuse the problem of bloating with distention. A distended stomach is slightly bigger and firmer than a normal stomach. Distension sometimes occurs as the result of certain health condition, or because of medications that you take for a condition. Bloating is a less serious condition than distension, though some users do feel some pain or discomfort. Gas is a completely separate condition, also known as flatulence. Though gas and bloating might occur at the same time, many people have a problem with just one of the conditions.

Causes of Bloating

  • Air increase in the stomach
  • An increase of tissue located inside the stomach and abdomen area
  • Fluid buildup in the stomach

Though the body can survive with excess bloating, it does make you feel uncomfortable. As the buildup of gas and bloating increases, you might even feel pain around your abdomen. This pain might occur because the buildup leads to a hardening of your stool. Your body cannot properly pass the hard stool in a bowel movement, which leads to even more pain and discomfort.

Causes of Gas

Gas occurs as the result of air trapped in the intestines. The term flatulence refers to the passing or removal of that gas from the body. Bacteria in the colon are the primary source for the gas. The bacteria produce a buildup of air, which becomes trapped in the intestines. In a small number of cases, the cause of the gas relates to air bubbles that you swallow as you eat or drink faster than you should. Stomach bloating and gas occurs because the bacteria in the intestines do not adequately break down the complex carbohydrates and sugars found in foods. Those products release excess air into the intestines, which leads to gas.

Problem Identification

Bloating is a problem that makes your stomach distend slightly. Some refer to the problem as water weight because it often occurs when your body retains excess water, which leads to the bloated feeling. Women often experience problems with bloating starting a few days before their menstrual cycle begins to a few days after their period ends. A common remedy for gas and bloating is over-the-counter supplements. In addition to supplements, others opt for products containing healthy bacteria. The healthy bacteria might reduce the gas and stomach bloating caused by unhealthy eating habits.

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